A border wall transformed into a playground

Border wall transformed
Border wall transformed

A border wall transformed into a playground!

Walls in our homes usually divide a space into smaller areas where we can be alone or in community with others, but in the context of a border wall, it has divided a community. Architect Ronald Rael and a group of artists created three pink teeter-totters to allow children to play together on both sides of the border. The project was made possible by Colectivo Chopeke, artists with a focus on bringing communities together.

This one-day installation highlights the problem of separation of children from their parents or guardians at the border. We believe in the sovereignty of a nation, but no border or wall should ever have the power to separate a child from its parent. 

Whether or not you agree with Ronald Rael on his stance on the border, his passive creativity to highlight injustice, and his ability to look past a physical steel structure to create community, is simply beautiful! 

At Wall Awesome, we believe that walls should bring us together and create community, rather than separate us. Our mission is that our wallpaper will always make a positive impact on people’s lives within their homes and businesses. 

If you want to know more about Ronald Rael, click here.

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