About Us

Wall awesome is all about making spaces look and feel beautiful, full of hope and love. It is our hope that this love for your space weaves its way into your relationships and friendships.

As we are transforming spaces to look amazing, we are also on a mission to make the world a better place. From our perspective, there should be no reason for people to live in poverty, live on the streets, without hope.

Often we say; “The home is where the heart is”, which means that your love, affection and fond memories will always be tied to the place where you live. There are no such love, affection and fond memories if you are without a home, forced to live in poverty, wondering where your next meal is coming from, where to get a warm place to sleep.

For that reason, Wall Awesome gives a portion of its proceeds and volunteers with organizations that work locally and nationally in helping people move out of poverty.

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