SeaWalls Churchill Proving The Power of Art In Our Everyday Lives

SeaWalls Churchill Proving The Power of Art In Our Everyday Lives

What we put on our walls speaks not only to our own personal taste but speaks out to others on what is important to us. It can spark conversation, inspire our guests, and encourage them in their everyday lives. Seeing larger than life art every day is incredibly impactful and inspires action in those who view it.

A fantastic example of this is the SeaWalls Churchill project, where 18 artists from around the world gathered together in the small town of Churchill Manitoba to paint wall murals all around town to inspire the protection of our antics ocean, and also help bring awareness of Churchill’s isolation problems and encourage the Canadian government to take action.

Many of us in Canada have by now heard of how last year the small Northern Manitoba town of Churchill was cut off from the rest of the country when their railway was damaged due to the strong blizzards and flooding over previous years. Their story reached headlines as the government and railways owners seemed to be doing very little to fix the problem and reconnect the small town and those who lived in it to the much-needed resources they needed. Since last November (2018) however, the railways has been operational after the desperate repairs were made.

In the thick of this crisis, one artist named Kal Barteski came together with the Pangea Seed Foundation to form the SeaWall Churchill art project. Which gathered artists from around the world to the rural community to design and paint murals in the hopes of raising awareness for the town and inspire its residents. Helping lift the residents of Churchill up during this time of crisis, with murals depicting their unique landscape, history, and culture.

One mural was created with the intent of reassuring the community of their value in Canada. “Know I’m Here” done by Georgia Hill to remind the world of their value, and of the receding ice fields.

It is amazing to see how these large murals transform an old town which is so often dismissed, into a place of real importance in our minds. It just goes to show how what we surround ourselves with, especially in our daily lives, impacts our minds and the hearts of others. Surrounding ourselves with inspirational art can affect real change.

This inspiration does not have to be limited to art museums and galleries, but can and should be incorporated into our everyday view. Using your home as a canvas which should be plastered in your own cultural and personal history. Emphasizing what sets you apart and reminding you of what you have to offer the world. This form of decorating will mean different things to different people, but what we don’t want you to do is shy away from not being inspired by your home, and encourage you to inspire others through your home, creating a space for others to gather, talk and create change.

We want to encourage you to take not just the political and environmental message away from this story. But to also realize the importance of surrounding yourself with uplifting, physical reminders of your own history, personality, and value. Getting to live around art and a home that puts emphasis on personal change and improvements can help you adjust to new changes, remaining grounded and determined through tough times. And just like the people of Churchill, remember your own importance, wherever you may be in the world, or in your own life.

If you want to learn more about SeaWall Churchill and the artists behind these murals you can visit their website at

All pictures used are from and are the property of SeaWall Churchill

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