Peel and Stick Wallpaper

New York Streets

$ 224.00 (CAD)

A New York city streets.

Let’s complete your order and make your wall look awesome!

Always measure your wall and determine the size of mural you need.
We can Resize this mural to your needs.
If you require help, connect with us.

Dimension Various sizes available. We can customize size and colour to fit your space, please contact us
Sizing Measure your wall to determine what size mural you need. If in doubt connect with us, we are happy to help.
Materials Our wallpaper murals are printed on our peel and stick wallpaper paper. The final product will have a beautiful, high-quality matt finish with a fabric feel.
Install The mural comes in 24″x48″ panels for an easy install. No glue or water is needed to install our tiles. Simply peel back the backing and stick the tiles on your wall. The wallpaper panels can also easily be peeled back and repositioned. The use of tiles makes the install process very easy. You do not have to deal with long sticky wallpaper sheets that cling together. Due to the size of the panels, they easily align with other tiles on the wall.
Artist Photo by Jon Flobrant.
Size: 12'x8'
Size: 10'x8'
Size: 8'x8'
Size: 6'x8'
Size: 4'x8'

Try before you buy

We know that touching, feeling and trying out our wallpaper on a screen is impossible. Buying a sample is a great way for you to test out our high-quality peel and stick wallpaper. We know you will love it!


Most of our wallpaper can be customized to your colour taste and size. For accurate colour matching, please provide us with a Pantone colour code. We offer a free customization service. Contact us for more details.


12"x24" Sample (Quantity of 2), 4'x8' Mural (48×96 Inches), 6'x8' Mural (72×96 Inches), 8'x8' Mural (96×96 Inches), 10'x8' Mural (120×96 Inches), 12'x8' Mural (144×96 Inches)

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